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Wardrobes make beautiful additions to any room, especially to a bedroom. Not only do they add to the atmosphere of the room, but they are practical too. We have a wide variety of timber wardrobes to choose from, made from different Australian timber and available in different colours. Like what we have but need to make a few adjustments to the design? No problem, our talented team will work with you to alter the design to suit your needs. We will ensure you find your custom wardrobe in Sydney at an affordable price.

Benefits of Custom-Made Wardrobes in Sydney

Wardrobes are not only practical but can be the statement piece in a room, but what can you do if the room you have is too big or small for any you have found, or you don’t want one that is mass-produced? We have a range of stylish timber wardrobes for you to select from or you can work with our design team and have your wardrobe tailored to your needs.

  • By designing your wardrobe, you can choose the type of timber, the size and style of the closet. You can create it to suit your needs, personality, and the room of your choice.
  • Timber furniture is durable and long-lasting, a wardrobe, especially a custom-made one, has the potential of becoming an antique which can become a treasured family heirloom.
  • A wardrobe that it is not built-in has the benefit of being moved around to change the layout of the room or move with you to a new house.

What Sets Beck Urban Furniture Apart Regarding Custom Wardrobes in Sydney?

We offer a wide selection of affordable, good quality furniture for your home and business, made from various Australian timber. You can choose from our collection of wardrobes available in our store in Brookvale, Sydney or order online. Should you like what we have, but it is not completely suitable we can tailor it to suit your needs.

  • We use any kind of Australian timer for our custom wardrobes, including recycled timber.
  • Any of our furniture can be custom-made to suit your requirements or we can design and make a unique item of timber furniture. You can choose the style, size, colour, and timber for your piece of furniture.
  • We offer delivery in the Sydney area, prices vary depending on the area, number, and size of items. We will provide you with a quote beforehand.

About Beck Urban Furniture

We are a furniture store, located in Brookvale that makes and sells a variety of timber furniture for homes, restaurants, cafés, bars, and offices. We also offer our speciality service of custom-made timber furniture to give you the choice of timber, size, style, and colour, ensuring you get exactly what you want. Our timber desks, dining tables, coffee tables, bed frames, wardrobes, and entertainment units will be the ideal finishing touch to your home or office décor.

Contact us to get your perfect custom-made wardrobe in Sydney.