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Custom Made Furniture Sydney

Express Your Personality with Our Custom-Made Furniture in Sydney

At Urban Beck Furniture, we understand that you want to express who you are in your home with custom-made furniture in Sydney. It is the perfect way to create the home you want, reflecting your taste through bespoke designs. We know it can be challenging to find quality practical custom furniture in Sydney, and it is why we are here to support you with optimal solutions to give you creative freedom.

Benefits of Custom Design Furniture in Sydney

Our professional team is here to assist you in creating immaculate unique pieces of furniture to give your décor the personal edge you would like to see in your home.

  • Maybe you already have a design that you like or a piece of furniture you favour but would like it in a different kind of wood or have some minor changes made to it. We have the solutions you need. We give you the freedom to choose what type of timber best suits your taste, adjust the size to fit into your available space, or adapt the finish to something you like.
  • Sometimes a design is stuck in your head, and you can already picture how well it would work in your home. Our team takes you on a personal journey of creation. Our know-how is the solution to get your idea out of your head and onto paper. After which our skilled team will transform your vision into reality. During the entire process, we closely work with you to ensure the final piece of custom timber furniture in Sydney is even better than what you imagined.
  • In some cases, you might have no idea what you want yet, but you do know that you don’t like what you have seen thus far. Speak to us for advice, tips, and suggestions. As reputable custom furniture makers in Sydney, we’ll work with you on a unique process of creating, adjusting, and adapting until we have a showpiece bringing practical solutions to your home.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Custom-Made Timber Furniture in Sydney

There are several advantages to creating custom wood furniture in Sydney. We urge you to make the most of this experience of creating designs that will last generations and become a family heirloom.

  • Utilise the freedom to choose the perfect size. Standard sizes are for the manufacturing of commercial furniture, yet it might not be the ideal fit for you. Maybe you want an extra-large timber table to provide comfortable seating for all during your regular family gatherings. We assist with tips and advice on finding the optimal balance between available space and the size of the piece of custom-built furniture in Sydney you would like.
  • The colour of your furniture plays a vital role in the ambience of any room in your home. While some kinds of timber have a very light finish, others are again much darker. The grain of the wood also differs from one type to another and influence the appeal of your piece. We give you the freedom to choose the kind of wood you feel would best suit your style and complement the craftsmanship. The options and combinations are endless and your imagination is the only limit when you have us on your side.
  • Take your time before making any final decisions. We want you to be delighted with the final product, so consider the final appeal from all perspectives. You are ultimately busy with a more extensive process than merely creating a unique quality piece of décor, but also investing in impeccable craftsmanship, you can be proud of for many years.
  • The value of furniture is two-fold. The one vital aspect of furniture is its appeal, expressing a particular style, preference, and personality. The other is, of course, the practical solutions it brings. When you create your designs, you can add also add other features, so your furniture is more practical and durable, and not just a décor item.

About Beck Urban Furniture

At Beck Urban Furniture we are passionate about quality furniture and boosting the local manufacturing industry. Therefore, we support several small family-owned businesses, as our local suppliers, to provide us with quality materials and reliable service. Our partnerships with these businesses are mutually beneficial as we can rely on their professional care, while they can rely on our consistent support. All our products are locally built in Sydney, serving as our contribution to creating jobs and additional opportunities in our local market.

Do you dream about a unique piece of décor you want to add to your home? Speak to us about our range of solutions and how we can work with you to turn your dream piece into a reality.

Recycled Timber Furniture Sydney

Help Conserve Our Trees, Buy Recycled Timber Furniture in Sydney

We sell a broad range of quality wooden furniture to suit any home, need and budget. Our ready-made furniture is both locally made in Australia and imported. We have a very talented team that can design and create custom-made furniture from Australian timber. We strive to support local businesses and preserve the environment as much as possible by making and including in our product range, recycled timber furniture in Sydney.

Benefits of Custom-Made Recycled Timber Furniture in Sydney

Have you found the perfect item of timber furniture but it’s just too big or the wrong colour? We have the solution for you. Good quality, affordable, custom-made furniture is our speciality, whether it is your design or ours, we can make it – any size, any timber, any colour. You can view our extensive range in store and place your order then and there.

  • Being able to design your furniture means that they will be the right size to fit in your room, they are unique and will suit your needs.
  • We use Australian timber to make all our furniture, including recycled wood which is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials available.
  • Timber furniture is exceptionally resilient, easy to maintain and if looked after can last many years, proving to be well worth its monetary value. It is also versatile as it is easy to repurpose by applying a new colour varnish or colour paint to it.

Problems Recycled Timber Furniture Addresses

Global warming and environmental conservation are critical worldwide issues right now, and we strive to play our part in Sydney by using recycled timber to make some of our furniture. This type of wood often has some slight imperfections, which adds to the uniqueness of the item and gives it some character.

  • Using recycled timber helps conserve older forests, plantations, and natural rainforests increase carbon storage and lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It also lessens the amount of wood harvesting, which in turn will delay the possible shortage of wood supplies.
  • If looked after, recycled timber can last a long time; this means your piece of furniture can become a family heirloom and be passed down for decades to come.

By letting us create your custom-made furniture from recycled timber, you get a unique piece of furniture with character, that will outlast you, your children and possibly your grandchildren too, while helping to conserve the environment.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Beck Urban Furniture

We offer excellent quality timber furniture at affordable prices as well as custom-made pieces designed to suit your requirements. We not only supply furniture for your home but commercial furniture too. We offer delivery within Australia if you are unable to collect from our store. Items that are not in stock are generally ready for delivery or collection within one to two weeks, custom-made pieces take between five to eight weeks to be made and ready for delivery or collection.
Place your order telephonically or contact us if you have any queries.