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Ditch The Tradition! Go For Custom Furniture with Beck Urban

Frustrated with spending valuable time and money on furniture just to find the same old designs everywhere? It can be quite disappointing when you spend hours selecting the special piece of furniture to add to your home to enhance its aesthetics and make it stand out, just for your friends to say that they have the same piece. The solution? Custom furniture for your home in Manly.

Custom furniture stands out due to its function and fit, and it is the perfect way to breathe fresh air. It does add a unique touch and feel to the overall look of your Manly home. Unlike traditional cookie-cutter furniture found at most outlets, custom furniture adds that unique and personal touch to your home. You can choose your colour, shape, size, and texture for custom furniture that reflects your creativity and lifestyle .

Custom furniture can be your choice when you are looking to upgrade the look of your home. Beck Urban Furniture strives to provide you with the best-quality custom furniture in Manly to make your home stand out.

Being a reputed and trusted name in Manly and other surrounding regions, you can be assured that we will provide value for your time and money and help you find the perfect piece for your house.

High Quality At Affordable Prices

At Beck Urban Furniture, you can find custom furniture according to your needs. We specialise in custom furniture and provide the best quality and service that is light on your pockets. You can choose the design and the look for your perfect fit for your Manly home, and let us craft it. Our craftsmen pour their hearts and soul into the work to provide you with just what you are looking for. While buying custom furniture can seem daunting at first, we make sure we use the highest quality material and provide you with only the best service while being pocket-friendly.

Wide Array Of Selections To Choose From

Beck Urban Furniture is your one-stop destination for all custom furniture needs in Manly. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, and we make sure we work diligently to meet or exceed our client’s expectations. This is why we design and create custom furniture according to your style and preference, ranging from coffee tables, and lamp tables for your living room to dressing tables, wardrobes and bunk beds to give your bedroom an elegant look. All our custom furniture is made with the best-in-quality Australian timber.

Connect With Us!

At Beck Urban Furniture, it is our priority to provide the highest quality and service at affordable prices and help our customers pick their perfect pieces. We are a trusted and reputed name when it comes to providing custom furniture in Manly and across the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Still have queries or concerns regarding custom furniture in Manly? Feel free to reach out to us by giving us a call at (02) 9905 0947 or write to us at We are always looking forward to hearing from you and answering your queries to help you find the custom furniture you are looking for in Manly!